The John and Tussi Kluge Research Symposium on Mindfulness

A message from Saki F. Santorelli, EdD, MA:

For many years, this annual research symposium has remained "nameless." On numerous occasions over the last several years, Amishi Jha and I have spoken about our desire and intention to name this symposium, but each year we have opted to wait for a decision that would arise from a moment of true knowing.

In the autumn of 2010, after a long, moving conversation with my dear friend and colleague, Tussi Maria Kluge, I realized that the name for the Research Symposium finally revealed itself.


For now and in perpetuity, this annual symposium dedicated to the science of mindfulness will be named:

The John and Tussi Kluge Research Symposium on Mindfulness

John and Tussi have,for many years, actively participated in the life of the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society. Their keen interest, good counsel, generous support, magnanimous hospitality and, most foundationally, Tussi's enduring commitment to teaching mindfulness and MBSR in some of the most challenging environments — prisons, nursing homes, hospital emergency rooms, community centers, juvenile detention facilities and palliative care settings — all affirm how fitting it is that this Research Symposium carries forth with their names indelibly associated with the intention to investigate and understand the basic mechanisms of mindfulness and the translation of these mechanisms into effective treatments, interventions and educational programs in service of the greater health of the public.  

 Saki Informal Sig

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