Psychiatry Grand Rounds Video Archive 2010 - 2011

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2010-11 Videos

Jun 16, 2011Our Construction of Massachusetts State of the Art Public Psychiatric Hospital
Jun 9, 2011Advances in Research and Practice with Sexual Minority Individuals
Jun 2, 2011Complex Psychological Trauma in Children and Adolescents
May 12, 2011Limits of Symptom Based Diagnosis: Understanding and Treating Borderline Personality Organization with the Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual
May 5, 2011Change Your Brain By Transforming Your Mind
Apr 28, 2011Imaging in Autism: A Review of the Literature and Future Directions
Apr 21, 2011Autism Programs at UMass Medical School: Current Operations and Future Plans
Apr 14, 2011The Lonely American
Apr 7, 2011Psychiatry: Striving for Coherence
Mar 31, 2011Working With Angry People
Mar 24, 2011Can Visiting a Barbershop Save a Life? A Community Response to Addressing Health Care Disparities
Mar 17, 2011Bipolar Disorder and Severe Irritability in Youth: Diagnosis and Pathophysiology
Mar 10, 2011Beyond Screening: Perinatal Depression: Models of Care
Mar 3, 2011Mindful Practice and Quality of Care
Feb 24, 2011Motion and Emotion in a Family with a Huntington Look-Alike Syndrome
Feb 17, 2011A Different Look at Recovery: Challenges for Psychiatrists
Feb 10, 2011To Sleep or Not during Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood: Consequences and Countermeasures
Jan 27, 2011Decision Making Capacity and Pregnancy: A Closer Look
Jan 20, 2011Unavailable
Jan 13, 2011Physician Health: Physicians Helping Physicians
Jan 6, 2011Opening Pandora's Box-The Worst Ideas for DSM-5
Dec 16, 2010Opiates Scenario in Pakistan - The Golden Crescent
Dec 9, 2010Unavailable
Dec 2, 2010At the Crossroad: A Walk through Public Sector Forensic Mental Health Services in Massachusetts
Nov 18, 2010Difficulties in the Treatment of Resistant Depression in the Geriatric Population
Nov 4, 2010Informed Consent & Right to Refuse Treatment: Integrating Ethics into Professional Practice
Oct 28, 2010Unavailable
Oct 21, 2010Sudden Death in Psychiatric Populations
Oct 14, 2010Reproductive Endocrine Function in Women with Bipolar Disorder and Controls
Oct 7, 2010Therapist Burnout: Prevention and Treatment
Sep 30, 2010Nicotine Dependence: Pharmacogenetics and Medication Development
Sep 23, 2010Surgery For Psychiatric Illness: Past, Present, and Future
Sep 16, 2010Very Long-Term Follow-Up of Frontal Brain Injury: Impact on a Life
Sep 9, 2010Exploring Global Mental Health in China