75% of Americans are not meeting        
  basic activity level recommendations.

  70% of all cardiovascular disease is
  related to obesity and 80% of type 2
  diabetes cases are related to obesity.

Nutrition and Exercise 

Regular exercise, a healthy diet and plenty of sleep are important for overall health. For more information, click on the links below.

Exercise                  Therapeutic Diets

Why Is Physical Activity Important?

 For Diabetes (English version)                              

All About Exercise

 For Diabetes (Espanol version)
  For High Cholesterol
 High Fiber



The Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005 is the most current publication from the U. S. Department of Agriculture formaking smart food choices and finding balance between food and physical activity.

MyPyramid is a tool that is used to put the recommendations in these dietary guielines into action.

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Learn to read a nutrition fact label.

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