Cell and Developmental Biology Faculty

John Cooke

Cooke, John, PhD, Associate Professor
Anatomy and histology for medical education

Douglas A Cotanche PhDCotanche, Douglas A, PhD, Associate Professor
Cochlear hair cell development and regeneration; anatomy for medical education
Roger Craig

Craig, Roger, PhD, Professor
Molecular structure and dynamics of actin and myosin filaments; cryo-EM and 3D image reconstruction
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Charles EmersonEmerson, Charles P Jr, PhD, Professor
Genetic and epigenetic mechanisms of skeletal muscle development and disease
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Harvey Florman

Florman Harvey M., PhD, Professor
Mechanisms of fertilization, ion channels, polycystic kidney disease proteins, signal transduction, exocytosis

Susan Gagliardi

Gagliardi, Susan Billings, PhD, Professor and Vice Chair 
Neuroanatomy and medical education

Lela Giannaris Giannaris, Eustathia Lela, PhD, Instructor
Anatomy and neuroanatomy for medical education
Anne Gilroy

Gilroy, Anne, MA, Associate Professor Cell Biology and Surgery
Anatomy for medical education

Deborah-Harmon Hines

Harmon-Hines, Deborah, PhD, Professor
Education outreach and anatomy for medical education

Anthony Imbalzano

Imbalzano, Anthony , PhD, Professor and Vice Chair 
Chromatin Structure and Regulation of Gene Expression, Cell Cycle, Cell Differentiation, and Development

Peter JonesJones, Peter, PhD, Associate Professor
Epigenetics, regulation of gene expression, facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD), Rett Syndrome
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Stephen Jones

Jones, Stephen N., PhD, Professor
Genes In Development And Tumorigenesis
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Jeanne Keller

Keller, Jeanne, MD, Professor
Radiology for medical education

Oliver KingKing, Oliver D, PhD, Assistant Professor
Computational biology

Jeanne Lawrence

Lawrence, Jeanne B., PhD, Interim Chair and Professor
Genome Structure and Regulation, non-coding RNAs and chromosome silencing, cancer epigenetics and gene therapy, Human Genetics for medical education
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Elizabeth Luna

Luna, Elizabeth J., PhD, Professor
Membranes, Cytoskeleton, and Signaling
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Maria Morabito, PhD

Morabito, Maria, PhD, Assistant Professor
Regulation of Excitatory Synapses in Development and Disease

Jeffrey Nickerson

Nickerson, Jeffrey, PhD, Associate Professor
Nuclear Architecture and Gene Expression

Paul Odgren

Odgren, Paul, PhD, Associate Professor
Bone and Cartilage Cell Biology
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Jaime Rivera5

Rivera, Jaime, PhD, Assistant Professor
Morphogenetic and Molecular Analysis of Mammalian Development
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Gerald Schwarting

Schwarting, Gerald , PhD, Professor
Axon Guidance and Cell Signaling in the Developing Olfactory System

Kip Sluder

Sluder, Greenfield, PhD, Professor
Mitosis; Centrosome Formation, Function, and Duplication; Checkpoint Controls
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George Witman

Witman, George B., PhD, Professor
Cilia and Flagella, Molecular Motors, Sensory Transduction, Molecular Basis for Diseases Involving Cilia and Flagella
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Hong Zhang

Zhang, Hong, PhD, Assistant Professor 
Genetic Regulation of Senescence in Cancer, Aging and Stem Cell Self-renewal; Molecular Targeting of E3 Ligases in Transcriptional Regulation
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Research Faculty

  • Borowski, Maria, MA, Instructor (Cancer Biology)
  • Hall, Christopher, PhD, Research Assistant Professor (Jones Lab)
  • Hall, Lisa, PhD, Research Assistant Professor (Lawrence lab) 
  • Hendricks, Gregory M., PhD, Research Assistant Professor (EM Core Facility)
  • Jungnickel, Melissa, PhD, Research Assistant Professor (Florman lab) 
  • Matijasevic, Zdenka, PhD, Research Assistant Professor  (Matijasevic/Jones Lab/Gene Targeting Facility)
  • Smith, Kelly, PhD, Research Associate Professor (Stem Cell Registry)
  • Sutton, Keith, PhD, Research Assistant Professor (Florman lab)
  • Uetake, Yumi, PhD, Instructor (Sluder lab)
  • Woodhead, John, PhD, Research Associate Professor (Craig lab)


  • Clark, Samuel, PhD, Professor Emeritus
  • Gauthier, Geraldine, PhD, Professor Emeritus

Affiliated Faculty

UMMS Joint Appointments 

Adjunct Faculty

  • Bar-Shavit, Zvi, PhD, Professor, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel
  • Choi, Je-Yong, PhD, Associate Professor, Kyungpook National University, Korea
  • Drissi, Hicham, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Connecticut Health Center 
  • Javed, Amjad, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL
  • Koevary, Steven, PhD, Professor, New England School of Optometry, Boston, MA
  • Lambert, Stephen, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL
  • McCaffery, Peter, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Aberdeen, Australia
  • Montecino, Martin, PhD, Professor, University of Concepcion, Chile
  • Shakoori, A.R., PhD, Professor, University of the Punjab, Pakistan
  • Stein, Gary, PhD, Professor, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT
  • Stein, Janet, PhD, Professor, University of Vermont, Burllington, VT
  • van Wijnen, Andre, PhD, Professor, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN