2010 Chang Lecture welcomes David Clapham

 2010 Chang Lecture photo
 George B. Witman, PhD, (left) the George F. Booth Chair in the Basic Sciences and professor of cell biology, and Isabelle Chang welcomed David E. Clapham, MD, PhD, as Clapham gives the annual MC Chang Lecture at UMass Medical School. Dr. Chang and Dr. Gregory Pincus, co-inventors of the birth control pill, worked at Worcester Foundation for Biomedical Research, now part of UMass Medical School. The Chang Lecture, hosted annually in honor of the late Dr. Chang, features experts in fertility. Clapham, a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator and the Aldo R. Castenada Professor of Cardiovascular Research at Children's Hospital Boston and a professor of neurobiology and pediatrics at Harvard Medical School, is an expert in ion channels that regulate the traffic of calcium, potassium, and other important ions across cell membranes and are key in a range of activities, including muscle contraction, metabolism, and reproduction.