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Finding the right advisor is crucial to the success of the Capstone project! The role of the advisor is to guide the student through Capstone work, providing support and assistance in focusing on particular key tasks. The advisor may provide scholarly resources; assist with obtaining necessary approvals by regulatory bodies, and support additional dissemination planning such as publication or conference presentation. The advisor who is a “good fit” will also provide valuable career guidance.

We have developed a resource to assist you in your advisor selection process. In order to effectively use this resource, refer to the steps below.

Download the datasheet to your hard drive. The datasheet is organized into three tabbed sections.
Tab 1: Interested Advisors These individuals are interested in working with students on their Capstone projects, and have not yet been paired with a student.
Tab 2: Requested Advisors These professionals have been requested by students, and are being considered by the CSD Leadership Team.
Tab 3: Assigned Advisors These advisors have been paired by the CSD Leadership Team with a student and are no longer available, although they may be able to provide assistance in finding other resources and or individuals interested in similar topics.

Click here to download the Advisor data file

Course Announcements

  • FOM2 proposal revisions due
  • FOM1 progress report due to mentor April 11th

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