Center for Integrated Primary Care

Participants are saying...

“I was in the first session of the Certificate Program and found it to be a critical piece of my training for working toward Mental Health Integration in Primary Care. Sandy's training came at a perfect time for me, just after I had joined a team working on integration for our health system. My team and I have used the training information on so many occasions, and continue to find it valuable and foundational to the work.”

Mary Jean Mork, LCSW
Program Manager
Maine Health

"After working as a clinical researcher in primary care for many years, I enrolled in course hoping to pick up some further perspectives and insights. I not only broadened my perspective on primary care behavioral health, but learned far more about my field than I ever anticipated. This course was incredibly valuable in my daily work with patients and providers and has had a profound impact on how I view my role within the primary care system. Any mental/ behavioral health specialist currently working in, or contemplating working in primary care should definitely take this course.”

Risa B. Weisberg, PhD
Co-Director, Brown University Program for Anxiety Research
Alpert Medical School of Brown University

"The Certificate Program in Primary Care Behavioral Health equipped me with countless invaluable skills for integrated practice in a family medicine setting. These tools have helped me become a more efficient and effective member of an interdisciplinary team in two different settings. I still frequently reference the program materials when faced with new or challenging situations.”

Samantha P. Monson, MA
University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine

"The best formal preparation for working as a behavioral health professional within primary care."

P. Andrew Trentacoste, Psy.D., MBA
Executive Director
Creative Health Services, Inc.

“I cannot say enough good things about this program and how it has helped to develop and implement the PC/BH Integration Program at the Gloucester Family Health Center (GFHC) located in Gloucester, MA. The GFHC is an entirely new health center, so we have had the opportunity to shape behavioral health services from the time the very first patient walked through the door of this new facility. I have found the course content that provided an overview of issues commonly treated in primary care, particularly anxiety disorders, chronic illnesses, chronic pain, substance abuse and screening tools to be particularly useful in our practice. Health behavior change strategies as taught in the context of this course, including the stages of change model, motivational interviewing and relaxation and sleep promotion skills provide the foundation for the interventions I use daily with patients. Dr. Blount’s course has also allowed me to speak with confidence and authority to the medical providers in the practice. Even now, one year after the completion of the course, I continue to comb through the course materials, handouts and articles for support and “supervision” as new and challenging situations arise. I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking the clinical knowledge to provide reputable behavioral health services in primary care!”

Lisa Schott, MSW, LISCW
Director of Integrated Services
Gloucester Family Health Center