Researching Funding Sources

CFR is adept at researching funding sources and guidelines to find the best fit for a project with the goals and objectives of private funders. CFR provides guidance for the application process from letters of intent and on-line qualification procedures through the final stages of award agreements and acceptance letters. One of the keys to success is carefully matching the interests of those with resources to the needs of investigators and faculty. Compliance with both institutional and industry policies and standards is an important part of the process. Especially on a local level, coordination of submissions is vital to presenting the project in the best light. Many foundations prefer to interact with a single institutional contact. It is important to avoid competing applications and to advance priorities appropriately.

Unlike governmental agencies, private funders have their own unique requirements, guidelines and cycles for requesting proposals. Indeed, many private funders rely on relationships rather than requests for proposals (RFPs) to channel appropriate projects to their attention. CFR can help strategize the identification, cultivation and development of relationships leading to an invitation to apply. We would like to work with you to find the resources you require and develop a strategy to achieve your goals.

Other sources you can use to begin your search for funding:

fdo-logoUpdated continually, Foundation Directory Online provides the most accurate details available on U.S. funders and their grants. The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations subscribes to this service and can show you how to search the listings. Contact: Cheryl Heckman at 508-856-1528 or

The Office of Research Funding distributes RFPs for foundations to which UMMS faculty are invited to apply. Details are sent via regular emails to those subscribing to the Office of Research group distribution list. Contact to subscribe.

cos-logoThe University of Massachusetts Medical School subscribes to the services of: Community of ScienceĀ® (COS) - the leading global resource for RESEARCHERS to:

        • Find funding opportunities
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