• MBSE: Mindfulness-Based Self-Expression 1-day Workshop

    A dynamic exploration of mindful creativity that weaves core MBSR practices with artistic exercises, writing, drawing and movement. Awaken, discover and deepen authentic self-expression and creative inspiration. Taught by Janet Slom, MBSE founder and award-winning artist. (MBSE requires no prior art or MBSR experience).

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  • 2016 Fall Teaching Institute

    Starting in September, the Fall Teaching Institute brings together leading teachers, academicians and practitioners for your continued professional growth and personal enjoyment.  Explore the range of lectures, workshops, teacher trainings and more. Registration is currently open for all courses and events.

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  • Mindful Eating - a new Course at the CFM

    Mindful Eating is an integrated approach that combines short, daily mindfulness training via an app on your smartphone with weekly, in-person group learning sessions here at the Center for Mindfulness in Shrewsbury, MA.

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  • A simple way to break a bad habit - Judson Brewer, MD, PhD at TEDMED 2015

    Dr. Judson Brewer shares groundbreaking research on the possible mechanisms of action cultivated through mindfulness practice that help quell cravings of all kinds in his TEDMED talk from November 2015 in Palm Springs, CA.

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  • 8-week Stress Reduction Program Begins the Week of September 26

    Stressed? Worried? Anxious? Tired? Sleepless? Join us for this 8-week intensive mindfulness training. Learn to access and cultivate your natural capacity to actively engage in caring for yourself and find greater balance, ease, and peace of mind.

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  • Break the cycle of Depression: MBCT at CFM

    MBCT - Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy: Combining mindfulness meditation practices and mindful movement with elements from cognitive therapy - to help break the cycle of recurrent depression.

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  • Oasis Institute 2016/2017 Programs

    With programs at locations in the U.S. and Europe, join us for Oasis Institute training and certification programs for professionals. Practicums, Teacher Development Intensive (TDI) and more …

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  • Events at the Center for Mindfulness

    We invite you to join us at our gracious, spacious home in Shrewsbury for weekly meditation on Monday nights or Wednesday mornings, our monthly movies with discussion and more.

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  • Mindfulness Tools 2016/2017

    'Mindfulness Tools, a 5-Day Residential Intensive Program' is based on the 8-week Stress Reduction Program, and is offered for those who may not be able to participate in the traditional 8-week course.

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Stress Reduction (MBSR)

Tap into your inner strength

Oasis Professional Training and Development

Passionate about teaching MBSR?

Therapeutic Neuroscience Lab

Investigating the mind to improve well being and realize human potential

MBSR in the classroom

8-Week Practicum for Aspiring MBSR Teachers

Application deadline for Fall 2016 is Friday, July 29

Mindfulness Tools Around the World 2016

Mindfulness Tools, 2016/2017

Five days of intensive training in residence, at locations in the U.S.

MBCT Instructor

Break the cycle of Depression: MBCT at CFM

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) combines mindfulness meditation practices and mindful movement with elements from cognitive therapy. Now offered in 8-week sessions at the CFM.

Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating integrates mindful practices with the science behind eating habits and weekly in-person group education and discussion sessions.

Does Mindfulness Belong in Public Schools?

Does Mindfulness Belong in Public Schools?

Explore multiple dimensions of this question in two essays hosted by Tricycle magazine.

CFM Home

Mindfulness, connections, resources.

Come home to a dedicated, global online mindfulness community. Supporting mindfulness practitioners, teachers and researchers, cfmHOME hosts online resources including community discussion forums and digital media.

Anderson Cooper and Jud Brewer video still

Anderson Cooper reports on his journey to mindfulness

In a 2015 airing of CBS News “60 Minutes”, Cooper shares his story on learning to meditate, and the follow-up neuroscientific analysis conducted by Dr. Judson Brewer at the Center for Mindfulness.

Becoming an MBSR Teacher

Oasis Institute at the Center for Mindfulness offers world-leading programs for MBSR Teacher Education and Certification. Professionals in medicine, psychology, human services, education, business and healthcare choose Oasis for expanding their knowledge and skills.

Start your journey
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